I had the pleasure of meeting Bruno Dejulio a couple of months ago, and it was a great pleasure to get the opportunity to learn from him! He devotes all of this time and effort into this the horse racing industry to make sure his clients have the correct and right information.

With years of experience, Racingwithbruno staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your racing experience to the next level. At Racingwithbruno.com, we combine our insights and skills to give you exclusive information and knowledge, and in turn, you show a profit at the windows.

Yesterday is an excellent example of how information might be presented to you wrong. The first race at Saratoga springs Friday afternoon was a Maiden 50k for fillies two years old, with a Todd Pletcher horse called Pazzion running for the first time. If you look in the racing form or any other programs you would see it stay, he worked on July 19th out of the gate in 1:01 and two fifth seconds. THAT INFORMATION IS NOT EVEN CLOSE to what he worked out of the gate in! He worked with a stablemate out of the gate that outworked her by at least 4-5 lengths blowing her away.

She ended up getting bet very hard and going off as the favorite yesterday and not even hitting the board, finishing 6th out of 7 horses! If you had the correct information that Bruno with the works put together for yesterday's races, you would have known that and would have probably stayed away from betting that horse and cashing in off that race and many others for the day!!!

This is just an one example of one of many others!!!

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